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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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single currency setback of the use most economically vulnerable nation bulgaria joins a growing chorus against the euro and dump its long held plans to adopted. two of the world's biggest armies or as of india and china unveiled plans to work more closely maybe western countries on the edge over the do is growing influence in the asia pacific. and international clash over a cat the u.k. is accused of save god in the asses of the al sadr egyptian regime with the
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property of key figures in hosni mubarak is in a circle still untouched despite international sanctions. and the long arm of the copyright industry reaches all the way to cambodia with the fugitive founder of the pirate bay file sharing site now facing extradition to sweden. it's one am here in moscow you're watching r t with me to bang with same first the europeans unions poor poor is member state bulgaria has shelved plans to join the euro zone and the prime minister cited the continent's deteriorating financial climate and fears for the euro is future as the reasons behind the single currency snub artie's brussels correspondent as azalea has all the details. garia is opposing the latest blow to the embattled currency know it has put on hold its long
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held plans of joining the euro bloc and interesting we bulgaria in contrast to a lot of bigger economies has managed to reduce its budget deficit to two point one percent of its g.d.p. and that is safely within the three percent rule set by the e.u. a number consistently met mentioned by german chancellor angela merkel but now that they've actually qualified and met all the rules they don't want to put this on hold of the prime minister of bulgaria as well as the finance minister had both said that there are two main reasons for this one is the increasing of vulnerability and uncertainty of the future of the euro in the block it's clear it's been going on for a couple of years now and also the deteriorating economic conditions are still the clear way out of the crisis and secondly and i think importantly for the leaders of that country is the changing of public opinion in bulgaria people there asking the very same questions that the citizens of credit euro zone countries are asking who else are going to be allowed and for bulgaria's point of view who are we going to
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bail out once we join the euro and also the country has been through three years already it was measures cuts in pensions it wages and you know for the last year especially the turmoil stared is almost a key word when discussing the eurozone or the euro and now bulgaria is not the only country it's just the latest in the string of countries lithuania last week the prime minister has said that it will only join the euro when quote unquote europe was ready and of course that is at this point very unclear when the state will be coming and also latvia has lost and boozy as it's changed its tone in terms of looking at the process of joining the euro now what this all underlies it goes back to the same point the vulnerabilities the weaknesses that we see in the euro and from the outsider's point of view this is what they see they see contras in trouble needing bailouts and you have creditor countries imposing conditions and then you have a stair be imposed on the. people have angry and desperate citizens of those
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countries and with that kind of a picture it's not entirely surprising that border area made that decision. again of the investment consultancy d.v. advisors as says joining the euro now would come with disastrous consequences public area or any other nation well isn't this truly a case of the tail wagging the dog here we have twenty seven of the poorest economy in the euro zone has turned around and said we don't want your year over because your ground design is deeply flawed it's built on sound it's a catastrophe and are actually the finance minister himself made a great statement today he said our citizens are worried that if we join the euro we won't know who we have to bail out i'm not a very poignant point because of course he knows that neighboring countries such as for example slovenia have been plunged into huge financial repr questions asked of the slovakians and indeed others because they've joined the euros the kid mainly it as they've joined the euro they've been forced to end up spending money to subsidize the pensions of people in greece who are actually getting
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a higher pension than the pensioners are in these countries that would be a suicide move for any nation that wants to join ultimately the cross for example of the euro zone has turned into a very bitter amongst few do drown over who is going to get the last measure of vodka and that is not a way that any other government is going to be happy in being complicit with the economic mismanagement of a crumbling seas of still ahead for you a robust response to the ones london that it faces diplomatically because is it the u.k. bans of dozens of russian officials from entering the you take over the leisure role in the contains the top billion.
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true holy week a comic to do the job of government who has both the international role for a high politics and reduced ones which are also on our shabbos but also for the rest of the world it's all very weak. at the moment. so it's pirate party m.e.p. a million and restore to us says there's always been
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a lot of pressure to see the founders of the pirate bay behind us there was really really big international pressure on at the time to. try out to make us ever arash our mission went to. three essential young men that were burning it or attracted to go out there and there every time they have been there if i mean for the road and speed and wave you needed. to question their relationship knowledge sharing and how they. and. this pressure still lingers on logan and there are major industrial nations in the brother you think are still lying quite hard to get him to bring pressure on. other countries to go all. intellectual interest as. the us has allegedly promised to run that it will not a says israel if the netanyahu government chooses to strike iran's nuclear facilities
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the report in an israeli newspaper also claims the deal comes with a catch that the islamic state or would not damage any american interest in any retaliatory strikes that's come as the obama administration says implementing measures it hopes will prevent an israeli attack on iran syrians zunes a professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco there is a war with iran will devastate both sides. i think there was an awareness. in the white house and elsewhere that war with iran would be a disaster i mean even putting aside the moral concerns the legal concerns about such a conflict the word games and other scenarios that have been looking at all come out to the same conclusion because i'm betting we go we leave benefits and so the united states is concerned as you are about nuclear about iran's nuclear program what to do or can to avoid war is really general staff the time generals i don't
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serve calculations of the pentagon hasn't. really been on the story that it would be disastrous for israel. unleashed you know thousands of rockets into israel so you know nuclear arsenal of missiles are to do a lot of damage and certainly on balance israel could do more harm to iran and iran could be to israel and certainly would not send back their nuclear program to any substantial degree in fact if anything it would give the iranians a motivation to to actually branch off from once as far as we know so far is the billion program and to actually develop a nuclear weapon. a whole lot more still lined up for you in the program including a look at those coping with catastrophe international sanctions cut syria off from the outside walls depriving thousands of basic necessities while those who work in the country's agriculture sector wish only for an end to. one of the
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fly in the ointment for russian british relations the u.k. has apparently approved a blacklist of russian officials supplied by washington to be banned from stepping on its soil they individuals like use of human rights abuses in connection with the case of said game magnitsky in russian noir who died in custody twenty boyo has more on that. russia's ambassador to the u.k. wants an explanation from the u.k. foreign office after it emerged in the sunday times that the u.k. home secretary had sent a list of around sixty russian officials to the british embassy in moscow in order to ban them from traveling to russia now the list contains the names of russian judges prosecutors and intelligence officials who london believes are involved in the death of the russian based lawyer surrogate magnitsky he worked for the london based company hermitage capital fund and he died in pretrial detention back in two
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thousand and nine in moscow now that he was jailed for tax evasion and awaiting detention his family say that he died because of repeated beatings and being refused medical care now the investigation into the case in russia is still ongoing but it's had a big resonance both at home and abroad earlier the u.s. said that it had also banned around sixty russian officials from traveling to the u.s. speaking often magnitsky is death then president dmitri medvedev he said that the people who are accused of economic crimes and tax crimes in particular they should not be put into pretrial detention and of course more serious as long as death is a big tragedy but they've called on other nations not to stage a political show regarding the matter and they've promised a tough response to any foreign sanctions that could be put in place over the case . the separatist movement is bringing up the storm in canada with
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a pro independence party looking to win the election in french speaking province of quebec the party came back why has consistently led in the polls capitalizing on disenchantment with establishment and anger at austerity michael for their reporter for canada c j a d radio says if anything voters aren't left with much of an alternative i think what it really comes down to is that backers will be choosing the lesser of three evils and for many people especially people the younger popular population they feel that that was a move in the step forward maybe towards more of a progressive message in the province a lot of the pall party politics you seem between the three parties they do they have very very many of the same policies in this and they're spending from the liberal party in terms of you know you saw the tuition protests going on a few months ago and they're even still going on now but i think what it comes down to it people are just making a choice based upon dissatisfaction with the with all of the three major parties
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and when it comes to i mean austerity measures well yeah there have been cutbacks and but i mean i think that's been across the board for most canadian provinces in the sense in terms of you know the support of separatism across the province i think across the board of people really just don't care anymore i mean canadians used to care we used to care or you know if it was somebody in a bird or in terror we had family out there friends and they'd say to us you know are you guys really going to be voting to leave and i think even in the past few months we saw polls it was a poll done asking canadians you know do you care of chemical leaves and half of canadians said no we don't care. the new international peace and voyage to syria has described his job as near impossible that a break he went on to say that not enough is being done to stop the violence both on the side of the government and the rebels meanwhile another car bomb explosion rattled a christian neighborhood into massacres today killing four people including a child and as a syrian death toll rises so do the streams of refugees fleeing syria to join the
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hundreds of thousands who've already left sanctions to make ordinary life difficult in syria with canada alone ramping up its measures against a mess because ten times and as our sun avoid korean border it's now up to the syrian farmers to act as a last line of defense against a humanitarian catastrophe. reaping the harvest of economic isolation and a good one farmers across syria are is busy as ever collecting defrauds of their labor decades of economic sanctions haven't taught syria to rely on no one but itself at least when it comes to their cultural production and there are no sour grapes about it now while the political pressure on syria is mounting this country is still fully able to feed its people. almost everything that adds up on syrian tables is growing here in the country south far from the clashes and this year spared the usual drought these fields are probably the government's best against
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all sort of foreign pressure aiming to undermine its support base. syria has experienced sanctions since the 1980's and it is told the country to be self-sufficient now agriculture is well structured we have all the seeds fertilizers water they haven't been damaged by the sanctions or by the ongoing clashes i can say that agriculture still remains of all the searchers least affected by the clashes well this place still looks like a sanctuary of peace the war is heard here all too well seventy three year old son says he understands the young. who want their country to change what he contacts up is their means to him what. people who are misled and hold weapons fight the government and destabilize the country are wrong i hope they'll calm down we all need peace to return to syria syria play it. polarized in so many levels the syrian conflict has also drawn the line between villagers and city dwellers as
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violence continues in urban areas people in the countryside are working hard to feed the two warring parties attacking villagers out in rural areas isn't going to really help them in accomplishing their task which is to try to get assad out of power and so i think that's certainly not going to get the syrian people on their side so i think that the attacks are being concentrated in urban areas where they have the greatest chance to affect syria economically and potentially to strike at the military targets in the lap or clashes are still the order of the day but twenty kilometers west mohammad is trying to preserve one of his family's to be colonies the other and here homes is thought to have been destroyed they couldn't access it for more than six months. then they don't want to come into the politics it's too dangerous now all they can see if they think using weapons was the biggest mistake of them from going to syria and be absolutely convinced that
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a superior to all foreign spaces and that ability to withstand hardship and the blood of their pastures and as clashes in the north continue taking that toll on the industry many here hope that there is the only answer of syrian peace will also be transferred today kippers r.c. syria. now forget to log onto our web site for this story and more. and here's what you can find it right now the why did you shoot over the right to drink discover the unusual items banned by the u.s. police i had a. the democratic national convention. and the supersonic jet pilot apparently almost to confuse a highway in russia with an s. fair or a right over the heads of dr s. on our website right now. thirteen civilians have been killed in a u.s. drone strike near the town in south in yemen local tribesman say women and children
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were among the victims the un mandate crofter was apparently targeting the call of a suspected al qaeda militant but hit two other vehicles instead drone strikes said as part of the campaign against alleged terrorist networks in the country and what general is ryan dawson says u.s. drone strikes are actually aimed at creating more instability not less this is a playground for the drone warfare and this is assisting saudi arabian it seems of keeping ayman divided as they have been doing since the sixty's this isn't gamins first civil war eight people were killed last week again the u.s. crane all of them were al qaeda but it turned out one of the people murdered was salem bin leave the job or it was a cleric who was actually vocal against al-qaeda they rarely even give names of the victims at all so that part is already. discredited completely to say their surgical strikes i think there was a bump in the news coverage somewhere when a sixteen year old american was killed in yemen by one of the nobel peace drones
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from the president but there hasn't been much coverage one of the more nasty things that has been happening in this policy the follow up attack in which the drone will take out where we assume are militants that often are civilians and then do a second strike killing the people who go to aid those murdered in the original strike and that has been very disastrous in pakistan and last july in yemen we had a similar process occurring and that can do nothing but alienate the locals. as attention around some mosque of the third holiest site in islam continues to build i actually talked to dr shaky crime former grandeur of jerusalem and palestine who thinks that the israeli government is deliberately targeting the sacred site coming up.
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thanks. with me i have to share. the mufti of jerusalem thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. israel allows was worms to make programmer to mecca but on the other hand it for birds men under the age of forty from entering the mosque during ramadan to pray on fridays how do you explain this contradiction. this contradiction is due to the fact that they let our brothers who live in the areas in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight carry out the harsh lessons is the legal right to him there
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also is some political benefits would be again a filaments dating but there is freedom of religion and also the. rules of the strictest since it's all new territory for love it was situated somewhere else no such measures would be taken against it now the focus is on. the occupation authorities on criticized only for that the most of their actions are always a criticism you have said that jewish authorities are trying to sensitize was them sensitivities to access why do you say this. heh well israeli arguments are trying to make it seem like the al aqsa mosque is not really that important they say they're muslims have the holy city of mecca and medina so they don't need to rest and relax and they also want to weaken the link in palestine since i lack so connects one point five billion muslims were to jerusalem and palestine this link is made of belief i think that they think that if they
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weaken that link muslims are going to lose interest in our own reality though what the muslims that don't live in our stone who are closer to it because they know is in danger as are their beliefs and so whatever the occupants do to diminish alex's significance was bound to fail fashion you have also said that if the israeli government and fanatical jewish groups since a week was in reaction they see this as a green light to move forward so what in fact should muslims do now but sadly muslim countries are now more concerned with their domestic issues neglecting the issue of imax or in jerusalem and allowing israeli or keep insta carry out their hostile plans and they have quite a few of those including the jewish organization of jerusalem and taking control over. there making the most of the numerous domestic problems that the arab and muslim countries are busy addressing right now so they can carry out their plans
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without any resistance. in what way and why are israeli authorities harassing you and other spiritual leaders tony if. israel wants to carry out its plans gradually step by step without much fuss or objection but we keep bringing it up and by doing so we have exposed the plans of the occupation authorities that's why they use media and press conferences to pile the pressure on us i guess to crush those who stand in the way of the occupiers only proves that there is no freedom or democracy in israel the. we have democracy for the jewish people there it doesn't apply to us one of. the palestinian issue being resolved in the future but boy there is still no sign that this issue will be resolved in the near future particularly with the new and yahoo cabinet in power they want to start negotiations from scratch israel does all it can to obstruct install the process to
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prolong the existence of its state these talks didn't make any difference to palestinians these talks are a waste of time or we can talk about talks with decades that's why i don't think they make any sense is there. what do you think about the way that the palestinian authority is handling the issue of gaining independence. for the palestinian authorities are weak what the hell they're looking for a solution and they want to prove they have achieved something but the talks have actually been a failure and so at the moment we don't have any solution on the horizon it means we need to unite to revive our economy and science to be invincible windy day the moment for a solution comes from a fairly is it fair to say that israel is trying to obliterate the arab islamic identity after us and. to hell a little. bit of israel's policy on the ethnic issue is based on the jewish organization conversation of lands and
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a lot of construction of settlements so they're working to increase the size of the jewish population and cut the number of arabs there but they do it by putting pressure on their own merchants and arabs in general to push them out of jerusalem into the suburbs of other towns by referring to a crisis in the housing sector israel sort of giving permits for construction so when a young man grows up and decides to set up a family he will not be able to find or build a home or a little bit even if he finds one the rent will be too high to afford let he will be a felt and leave so even without declaring. intentions israel is reading jerusalem of arabs of israel doesn't talk publicly about this but according to my observations the population of jerusalem is growing in one nine hundred sixty seven there were seventy thousand arabs today there are more than three hundred thousand and in one of these prophecies in hama it was asked about where his followers should go after he leaves and he said that muslims should stay in beit. that's in
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jerusalem where they lived at the time in this way he passed all generations to come to live in this city. this. way thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money and they're going to make a lot of people that forward to a lot of talk on the eve of the meeting of the asia pacific economic cooperation regional to what degree is the global economy now. going to be.


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